• AGC settings per mode (CW, SW, ..)
  • System menu settings optimized per mode, save restore of several settings
  • System menu display on screen (as help text) based on ui_menu_structure.c help texts
  • external program to manage settings
  • (CW) filter center frequencies follow sidetone pitch. Sidetone down to 400 Hz, same for center frequencies
  • system menu undo or cancel (or fall back to last saved config)
  • You can get C0G 1uF in 0805 but they're not standard stock parts and I'm not sure about 0603. Really we do want C0G in the audio/baseband path as the microphonics and voltage coefficient of the X7R caps will degrade intermodulation performance by a few dB. In a future revision those caps should probably have bigger footprints so they can have film or available C0G caps which are much more linear for high dynamic range signal paths like this.
  • PB3 on MCU is TRACESWO, usefull. But in OVI40 UI PB3 us used for pushbutton M2 (RFG NB BASS TREBLE). Change schematics that PB§ is available on debug jport. Whether UART TX is to be vailable additionally is tbd
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