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SDR technology (software defined radio) enables a completely new feeling to the radio. The symbiosis of modern digital technology and analogue transceiver technology is the same, QRM/QRN is not exclusive to old iron!

And that's the way it's going to be, but it's not the end of the world, it is the end of the world for the “past”.

The technology used today is called SMD (Surface Mounted Devices). In this case, the components are soldered directly to the conductor tracks of the circuit board: no “holes” with “pads”, no wires to the components. This production technique is many levels less costly, the parts far smaller resulting in a reduction of resource usage, weight, assembly time and packaging cost.

We got off the I40 . The world's most advanced technology is the world's most advanced technology, and it is the world's most advanced technology. ?

The DIY of such technology is a challenge - but at the same time an enormous ego. Microcontrollers, SMD technology: With the scale of today's parts everything is not possible.

The firmware of the transceiver is described as “open source”, this means that it is possible to modify the software adding new functions and modifying existing code.

McHF hardware improvements also are done by DARC OV I40 (Sulingen) and populated on webpages.

McHF is a project of Chris, M0NKA. Hardware is released under license CreativeCommons BY-NC-SA.

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