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  • Soldering station with exchangable soldering tips and possibility to set the soldering temperature
  • One fine soldering tip (0.8mm) and one large chisel type soldering tip (5mm) Lötspitze. Short tips are preferable, they conduct heat much better.
  • Desoldering wick
  • fine solder (0.5mm)
  • Paaste-like solder flux, e.g. RMA-223 in syringe
  • fine Tweezers, non-magnetic
  • Magnifying glass / Magnifier Lamp / Stereomicroscope with 5x .. 10x magnification. With good eye sight a pair of strong reading glasses (+4 Dioptrien) cn serve well as magnifier glasses.
  • Workplace needs to be well lit. Strong lighting results in the eye pupils getting smaller - this increases visual resolution additionally
  • Digital multimeter
  • Power supply with adjustable voltage and adjustable maximum current
  • RF dummy load 50 Ohm 50 W or more
  • usual tools (screw drivers, Schraubendreher, small pliers, small side cutter, ..)
  • Shortwave transceiver to check RX and TX function of OVI40

Usefull but not strictly necessary:

  • Oscilloscope
  • Frequency counter upto 200 MHz or so
  • RF voltmeter upto 200 MHz or so
  • ST Micro test adapter “ST-Link V2”. Original adapter or low price clones
  • Hot air soldering station. Low-cost gear such as “ZD-939L”, “ZJchao” oder similar are already very helpful for de-soldering. Known brands such as Weller WHA300 are occasionally apearing in on line auctions for low budget prices.

A hot air pistol may also be quite useful for de-soldering - if used with caution. Measure the true temperature with a thermometer or a PT100 / PT1000 resistor and an ohm-meter. Cover areas that shouldn't be de-soldered with heat resistant material such as aluminium or capton foil.

Hot air pistol used for de-soldering - see text
  • A steady calm hand
  • Ability to fight one's weaker self
  • Patience (this is not a project finished in a few days)
  • Perseverance
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