Errata for OVI40 UI V1.8 Batch 1 kit delivery

  • 3.5 mm Stereo Connectors J1, J2, J3 plastic noses won’t fit the PCB holes
    • Cut the plastic noses or use fitting socket Lumberg 1503-7 (Reichelt LUM 1503-07, Conrad 738788)
  • The 470 nF capacitors have size 0805, however size 0603 is required according to PCB Layout and BoM. Can still be soldered in
  • Mini-USB socket J11 is “Type A” but “Type B” is required. Use correct socket, e.g. Buerklin 72F2280
  • The 2.2 uF capacitors have size 0805, but size 0603 is required in BoM and PCB Layout. Can still be soldered in.
  • The 1 uF capacitors are 1206, but 0603 is required according to BoM. Need to get correct size, e.g. 0603, e.g. Buerklin 75D5307
  • The capacitors (8,2pF-10pF) are 0402 but should be 0603. Can still be soldered in.
  • R2, R6, R7, R10-12,R15, R25, R40 have 0603 footprint in BOM but on PCB we have 0805. Can still be soldered in
  • C100 is marked “COO” (letter “O” instead of digit “0”) instead in schematics (so can’t be found with Acrobat Reader in schematic
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