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Temporary Modification: Resistor in parallel to C94

Symptom: In stand-by the current drawn from back-up battery is excessively high. Work-around: Put resistor in parallel to C94. Start with a value of 56k - this seems to work in most cases. If board does not start increase value slightly. The same approach is used BTW in the commercially available Disco F746 prototype board.

Change brightness of LEDs

Helle LEDS: Mit den Bausatz-Vorwiderständen leuchten die LEDs sehr hell. DF9EH hat die Werte reduziert:

  • R36 auf 22,6k (D1 grün)
  • R37 auf 6,8k (D2 rot)
  • R116 auf 6,8k (D3 blau)
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