In Kit Bag 1

  • 3.5 mm miniature jacks J1, J2, J3 - plastic pins do not fit on PCB holes as they are
    • remove plastic pins (beneath jacks) or
    • get yourself the fitting jacks Lumberg 1503-7. Can be ordered e.g. at Reichelt.de, order number LUM 1503-07. Can be ordered at conrad.de, order number 738788)
  • The 470 nF capacitors are delivered in size 0805, PCB layout is for 0603. They can be soldered in, but 470 nF in size 0603 are preferred in case you have them in stock or can get them easily.

In Kit Bag 2:

  • Mini-USB socket J11 is “Type A” - this is wrong. “Type B” is mandatory to be used. Please get the correct part, e.g. Buerklin.de order number 72F2280
  • The CR2032 back-up battery holder needs to be modified before soldering it in. On pin needs to be shortened so it is flush with the PCB surface TOP layer, see photo
Möglicher Kurzschluß (photo DF9EH)

In Kit Bag 4:

  • The 2.2 uF capacitors are provided in size 0805, PCB is layyed out for 0603. Can be soldered in. Use 0603 if you have them or can easily get them.

In Kit Bag 5:

  • The 1 uF capacitors have size 1206, PCB lay-out is for 0603. Difficult (but possible) to solder them in. Please get yourself 1 uF capacitors in size 0603, e.g. buerklin.de 75D5307. X7R replacement capacitors are ok

In Kit Bag 6

  • The capacitors (8,2pF-10pF) are delivered in size 0402, PCB is laed out for 0603. Can be used.


  • R2, R6, R7, R10-12,R15, R25, R40 are delivered in size 0603, PCB layout is 0805. Can be used.
  • C100 ist marked as “COO” in schematic (letters “O” instead of digits “0”). You won't find C100 in schematics by pdf text search.
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