Summary of https://gnu-mcu-eclipse.github.io/install/ below:

npm install xpm --global

This installs xpm package manager executable

  • Open Command line window in win 10. Enter
xpm install @gnu-mcu-eclipse/openocd --global

to install Gnu MC Eclipse openOCD

Install PAckages CMSIS

  • In Eclipse Help→Install new software, Work with: “GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins”, Click “What is already installed”
    • Check that “GNU MCU C/C++ Packs (Experimental)” are installed, or install them
    • In Eclipse goto C/C++ packs perspective (hover over toolbar icons to find the icon with two boxes in orange yellow)
    • In this perspectiv, above middle window, click on the icon with the two yellow arrows, to update the packages definitions from all repositories
    • If any warnings that certain packages cannot be downloaded please click “ignore” to continue, as long as it does not concern the STMicro packages we are interested in - STM32F7 and STM32H7
    • When finished, in left window, choose STMMicroelectronics
      • Install STM32F7 pack
        • Ín left window, click once on STM32F7 series.
        • Then select package in middle window
        • then above middle window click yellow box icon to install a local copy of the selected package
        • You will see status message “Install Packs” in bottom right of Eclipse window
      • Install STM32H7 in the same way

Set active project, check MCU set correctly

    • Set/check that active project is correct
    • Set/check that device is correct:
      • For OVI40 with F7 MCU: Project → Properties → C/C++ Build → Settings → Devices → STM32F767ZI
      • For OVI40 with H7 MCU: Project → Properties → C/C++ Build → Settings → Devices → STM32H743ZI
  • in Eclipse Help→check for updates

Option: Github Desktop

  • Download Github desktop from https://desktop.github.com/
  • Start Github Desktop, enter your Githu username and password, clone repository “https://github.com/df8oe/UHSDR
  • Optional: create local branch of cloned repo for tests
  • In Eclipse, create new workspace pointing to local clone of cloned Github UHSDR repository
  • Check Eclipse settings for
    • active build config
    • MCU device used * …

Option: git commandline

Import git UHSDR project into Eclipse installation

  • In Eclipse, choose “File→Import”.
  • .. then choose “General→Existing Projects into Workspace”.
  • Then choose the folder “mchf-eclipse in the path where you just downloaded the zip file as “root-directory”
  • The project is now recognized and can be imported * Next: check Eclipse settings
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