“We all hate RTFM”…

…but without knowing minimal wiki syntax you cannot participate…

So here some hints for the usage of this Wiki!

I want to keep a well structure. Within operating systems you have “folders”, in WIKIs they are named “namespaces”.

One of these is named “projekte” - and within this namespace all projects like mchf or ovi40-sdr are located. How do I create a new page within “ovi40-sdr”?

Please enter in search: projekte:ovi40-sdr:nameofthepageiwanttocreate

Now you will get message that this page does not exist - and do you want to create it? Exactly this is what you want and you can do it with the stencil right near the text window..

You do have all rights to create new namespaces and/or pages, correct pages, add informations e.g. But if you do want to create a new namespace - please contact me because if namespaces are renamed history of all sides under this namespace will be lost.

Here you can find most reasonable syntax of this WIKI:


Have fun - your work is appreciated!

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