Here you can find the recent Bill of Materials for OVI40-SDR.

Please pay attention! This BOM is a preliminary and might change during betatest phase.

E.g.the SD-Cardreader which is listed here will be replaced in series because it is no longer available.

BOM OVI40-SDR UI V1.724-09-2017DF8OE Distributor / Prices
IC1 /IC12WM8731Audio CODEC WM8731SSOP282 238-WM8731SEDS/V WM8731SEDS/RVCT-ND3,63
or Audio CODEC TLV320AIC23BPWG4SSOP282120-72979,25
IC2LM4952TSTI Stereo Audio PALM49521100-80283,72 926-LM4952TS/NOPB LM4952TS/NOPB-ND3,06
IC3LP5907_Q1TI low noise LDO 3,3 VoltSOT23-51249-23040,654 595-LP5907QMFX-3.3Q1 296-38557-1-ND0,47
IC4STM32F76X_ZIT6MCULQFP1441253-549912,84 511-STM32F767ZIT6 497-16521-ND13,26
IC5ASTX-H1116 MHz TCXO 2,5ppm 3,2 x 2,5 mmTCXO_32X251 815-ASTXH1116T 535-12044-1-ND2,84
IC6KA78RM33R3,3 Volt LDODPAK1245-10410,681TS 2940 CP33 821-TS2940CP33
IC7AT24CM02I2C EEPROMSO081 24LC1026_ISN 579-24LC1026I/SN AT24CM02-SSHM-B-ND1,89
IC8NCP5501DT50G5,0 Volt LDODPAK1170-33690,602TS 2940 CP50 863-NCP5501DT50G
Q132,768 kHzQCM-315_SMDCM3151 695-CM315D-32.7KEZFT 300-8813-1-ND0,6
T3BC857PNP TransistorSOT231179-80670,02BC 857C SMD0,034771-BC857CW115
D5BAV70Double DiodeSOT232267-74670,031BAV 70 SMD0,034512-BAV70
D6BAV70Double DiodeSOT23.
D7BAS85Schottky barrier diodeSOD80C3146-93940,23BAS 85 SMD0,034771-BAS85135
D8BAS85Schottky barrier diodeSOD80C.
D9BAS85Schottky barrier diodeSOD80C.
D1greenLEDLED_3MM1276-49760,409LED 3MM ST GN 710-151034GS03000
D2redLEDLED_3MM1276-49770,361LED 3MM ST RT 710-151034RS03000
D3blueLEDLED_3MM1276-49750,443LED 3MM ST BL 710-151034BS03000
BAT1-HOLDER Battery Holder CR2032 1131-97492,98 BU2032-1-ND0,66
BAT1CR2032P_LLithium Battery 3,0VoltCR_2032_H1 CR 2032P-H
X1PN87520-SUSB Plug HOSTPN87520-S1117-78830,81USB AW0,2
L147uHL_SMD1005L10053221-56550,13 810-MLZ2012M470WT000 MLZ2012M470WT0000,12
R147kSMD Resistor TK5008056 SMD-0805 47k0,02667-ERJ-U06F4702V
R1A100RSMD Resistor TK50060313 SMD-0603 1000,03667-ERJ-3RBD1000V
R1B0RSMD Resistor TK5006033 SMD-0603 00,03667-ERJ-3GEY0R00V
R21kSMD Resistor TK5006037 SMD-0603 1,0k0,03667-ERJ-S03F1001V
R3100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R41kSMD Resistor TK500603.
R4B12R2SMD Resistor TK5012064 SMD ¼W 2,20,0371-CRCW12062R20FNEB
R4D2R2SMD Resistor TK501206.
R50RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R61kSMD Resistor TK500603.
R71kSMD Resistor TK500603.
R8100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R94k7SMD Resistor TK5008054 SMD-0805 4,7k0,02667-ERJ-S06F4701V
R104k7SMD Resistor TK5006031 SMD-0603 4,7k0,02667-ERJ-3EKF4701V
R114k7SMD Resistor TK500805.
R124k7SMD Resistor TK500805.
R1347RSMD Resistor TK5006037 SMD-0603 470,03667-ERJ-3EKF47R0V
R1447RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R151kSMD Resistor TK500603.
R16100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R17100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R18100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R19100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R20100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R2147RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R2247RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R230RSMD Resistor TK5008058 SMD-0805 00,02667-ERJ-U060R00V
R24680RSMD Resistor TK5008054 SMD-0805 6800,02ERJ-6ENF6800V
R254k7SMD Resistor TK500805.
R26100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R27100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R28100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R291kSMD Resistor TK500603.
R300RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R310RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R320RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R33100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R34100RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R35A4R7SMD Resistor TK5012061 SMD ¼W 4,70,0371-CRCW12064R70FNEB
R36680RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R37680RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R401kSMD Resistor TK500603.
R4147RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R452R2SMD Resistor TK501206.
R462R2SMD Resistor TK501206.
R4747RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R4847RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R1010RSMD Resistor TK500603.
R1080RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R1100RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R1120RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R1140RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R116680RSMD Resistor TK500805.
R12047kSMD Resistor TK500805.
R12147kSMD Resistor TK500805.
R12247kSMD Resistor TK500805.
R12347kSMD Resistor TK500805.
R12447kSMD Resistor TK500805.
C11nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG060310 KEM C0G0603 1,0N0,01
C1A1nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C1B1nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C1C1nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C1D1nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C21nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C31nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C41nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C5220uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 10VTA-C5 TAJ 6032 220/100,46
C6220uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 10VTA-C.
C7470nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG06034 NPO 0603 CD 470N0,04
C8470nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C9220uFSMD Alu-Elko 16V low ESRE_SMD_06086 VF 220/16 P-D80,3
C10100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R060363 X7R 0603FCF 100N0,04
C11100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C1210uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 16VTA-B 3,5 x 2,89 T494B 10U 160,51
C1310uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 16VTA-B 3,5 x 2,8.
C14100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C15100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C1610uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 16VTA-B 3,5 x 2,8.
C1710uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 16VTA-B 3,5 x 2,8.
C181uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG06038 NPO 0603 CE 1,0U0,04
C191uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C20470nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C211nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C2210uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 16VTA-B 3,5 x 2,8.
C23100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C244.7uFSMD Tantal-ELKOTA-A 3,2 x 1,61 T491A 4,7U 160,04
C25100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C26100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C27220pFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG08052 NPO 0805 BG 220P0,04
C28220pFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C29100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C30100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C31100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C32220uFSMD Alu-Elko 16V low ESRE_SMD_0608.
C32B220uFSMD Alu-Elko 16V low ESRE_SMD_0608.
C33220uFSMD Alu-Elko 16V low ESRE_SMD_0608.
C34100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C35220uFSMD Alu-Elko 16V low ESRE_SMD_0608.
C361nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG080510 NPO G0805 1,0N0,04
C371nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C381nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C39220uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 10VTA-C.
C40470nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C4110uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 16VTA-B 3,5 x 2,8.
C42100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C43100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C44100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C45100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C46100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C47100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C48100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C49100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C50100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C51100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C52100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C53100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C54100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C55100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C56100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C57100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C58100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C59100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C60100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C61100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C62100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C63100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C64100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C65100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C66100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C671nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C681nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C691nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C701nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C711nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C721nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C731nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C741nFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0805.
C74A220uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 10VTA-C.
C75100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C76100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C77100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C78100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C79100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C80100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C811uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C821uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C831uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C84100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C85100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C86100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C87100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C88100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C89100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C90100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C912,2uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG06032 NPO 0603 CC 2,2U0,04
C922,2uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C93100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C94100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C95100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C96220uFSMD Alu-Elko 16V low ESRE_SMD_0608.
C9710uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 16VTA-B 3,5 x 2,8.
C9810uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 16VTA-B 3,5 x 2,8.
C99100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C101100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C102100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C1041uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C105100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C106100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C1071uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C1081uFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG0603.
C109220pFSMD Chip Capacitor NP0/COG06031 NPO 0603AAF 220P0,04
C11110uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 16VTA-B 3,5 x 2,8.
C112100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C120220uFSMD Tantal-ELKO 10VTA-C.
C121100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C122100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C123100nFSMD Chip Capacitor X7R0603.
C1248,2pF – 10pFSMD Chip Capacitor06032 NPO-G0603 10P0,04
C1258,2pF – 10pFSMD Chip Capacitor0603.
S1G3SMD Pushbutton KSC941J 18243-51570,64 611-KSC941JLFS CKN10433CT-ND0,55
S2G2SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S3M2SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S4BMSMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S5G4SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S6M3SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S7SMSMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S8SPSMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S9M1SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S10F3SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S11F1SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S12F2SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S13F4SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S14BPSMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S15F5SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S16G1SMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S17PowerSMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
S18not assigned yetSMD Pushbutton KSC941J .
J11503_07Audio Plug 3,5mm1503_073 2,26LUM 1503-070,59
J21503_07Audio Plug 3,5mm1503_07.
J31503_07Audio Plug 3,5mm1503_07.
J41503_09Audio Plug w. 2 switches1503_091124-32442,04LUM 1503-090,99
E1EC12E_SWAlps Encoder with push functionALPS_EC12E_SW4152-08131,86STEC12E082,1
E2EC12E_SWAlps Encoder with push functionALPS_EC12E_SW.
E3EC12E_SWAlps Encoder with push functionALPS_EC12E_SW.
E4EC12E_SWAlps Encoder with push functionALPS_EC12E_SW.
Button CapCap greyBTNKSC9204 CKN10429-ND0,27
Button CapCap redBTNKSC9402 CKN10428-ND0,27
Button CapCap blackBTNKSC9902 CKN10426-ND0,27
Button CapCap whiteBTNKSC98010 CKN10427-ND0,27
JP130 Pin Board to BoardPinheader-1×301×301 3x 40-polig
JP225 Pin Board to BoardPinheader-1×251×251
JP36 Pin Board to BoardPinheader-1×061×064
P2Speaker leftPinheader-1×021×02.
P7Speaker rightPinheader-1×021×02.
P6DFU mode JumperPinheader-1×021×02.
JP17short S17Pinheader-1×021×02.
JP5ext. USB HostPinheader-1×041×042
JP6ext. USB DFUPinheader-1×041×04.
JP4ext. AudioPinheader-1×061×06.
JP7ext. AudioPinheader-1×061×06.
P3alternative Bridge VbatPinheader-1×021×02.
LCD1 Pinheader-2×172×171
LCD/PCB Holeheader low profile 2×17BL 2X17G 2,541
BU2MOLEX_SD_49225-0821MICROSD_CardreaderMolex 503182-18531176-43751,99 HR1942CT-ND2,05
optional parts
D4SS16SMAVishay General Semiconductor SS16DIODE_SMA
IC11SST25VF04BSPI FLASH 2,7V, 4MbitSO08 SST 25VF040B0,97579-25VF040B504IS2AE SST25VF040B-50-4I-SAF-N0,82

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