Specifications Analog PCB (RF)




Development of RF PCB is not completed yet, but it is finished as there cannot be made big changes and / or additions. Following there are some informations, which may change until final release. The list is not complete - please be patient...

  • RX from VLF (~a few KHz) ... 4m, possibly 2m including
  • TX 160m...4m: 50W, 2200m, 630m and 4m (2m if implemented): 10...20mW SMA out
  • continuosly tuned preselection
  • PA works using double LDMOSFET, independent BIAS adjusted. BIAS is measured internally via A/D and can be set in menu directly in [mA].
  • TX and RX mixer with very low capacity to minimize LO leakage
  • true RX QSD mixer using instrumental amplifiers
  • all internal voltages (8V, 5V) are generated using well-shielded switching regulators. Additionally switching frequency is shifted via firmware so that never harmonics are present in RX spectrum
  • included hardware for antenna measuring (sweep) using logarithmic amplifier
  • output of an independent selectable rf to SMA plug. I am experimenting to use this as a WSPR beacon which can run parallel to radio
  • usage as network analyzer possible

Informations will be more precise if alpha phase has finished. Please stay tuned!

DF8OE, 20.12.2017

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