building an OVI40-SDR




Some Words related to our Thoughts about "Open Source"

OVI40-SDR is an Open Source project. There are no restrictions (except one):

  • all schematics will be published
  • sources of all parts will be published
  • modifications, improvements etc. will be published
  • you will find hints for building, trouble shooting, tables of measurement / voltages and so on
  • all input from any person who wants to contribute can/will be implemented (if we are allowed to do so)
  • it is allowed to design own PCBs using the schematics, you can use them for yourself or can sell them "commercial"
  • it is allowed to offer additional components, PCBs (bare or soldered) private or "commercial"
  • it is not restricted, to buy "our" PCBs, solder them (even "commercial", too) and sell them
  • it is not restricted to offer kits, complete or partwise, which are related to OVI40-SDR

There will be community working using our discussion group and WIKI. Nobody will be restricted or denied.

The only restriction: We do not publish PCB data (sources / gerbers) at the moment (and you can name that "commercial"). But we will offer gerbers, too if some time we decide no longer to provide PCBs so project will not die if we decide to leave it.

Due to the license Cern OHLv1.2 all forks / redistributions (included commercial ones) must contain source of the project. If the project is expanded (e.g. with new ideas, developments) these must be licensed same model as above. So if you add something, develop something and so on and redistribute or sell it you must populate all parts (schematics, PCB data etc.).

Freedom "like you want it"

Who wants to get an OVI40-SDR can decide by himself the way he will get it:

  1. if you want, you can design your own PCB, manufacture it (by your own hand or "commercial"), you can collect all parts and solder it by yourself
  2. or you can buy PCBs from "us" and do the rest by yourself
  3. or you can buy a complete kit for single PCBs or complete TRX from "us" and solder it by yourself
  4. or you can buy a SMD prepopulated PCB or complete set for TRX from "us"
  5. or you can buy complete populated, aligned and/or programmed PCBs from "us"
  6. and you will get enclosures from "us", too

If you find the word "yourself" you can deligate it to any "non-commercial" or "commercial" person or company you want. 

In case of 1. you decide for complete freedom. In case of 2...6 you get work from others - that is not possible without fees. There will be no PCBs, Kits etc. "for nothing" - and our goal is not to serve always the "cheapest price". "Open Source does not mean, that everything is without fee! But project is not profit-orientated. There are no parts for guarantuee, support etc. - what is recommended for every commercial product. It wants to be a project, where the "commercial part" consists only of the sum of the costs of the parts added by a small, HAM-like fee. It is planned and will be a project "HAM 4 HAM".

Who is thinking "ohhh - now I can earn big $$$" is invited to try it. He will realize very soon, that there is nothing to make "$$$" and he will stuck very fast. If there exist clones which do have same high technical standard as original there are mainly two reasons:

  1. The original product is much too expensive (and profit-orientated) and someone else can do the same job much better (and so cheaper)
  2. There are wishes of users which are not satisfied. This lack is filled by cloners.

The point "There will always be someone who can offer a product with lower quality and those who only look at the price will be trapped" is just another delicious story...

DF8OE, 20.12.2017

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