What means OVI40-SDR?




In 2015 DARC OV I40 has started a project where many OMs within Germany wanted to build a shortwave transceiver mcHF created by Chris, M0NKA. Because of our public discussions in our forum the amount of the builders was growing and growing. Only ~20% of all participants have published their geodata to our project-map...

Amateur radio operators are researchers. They love it to improve hardware, implement new features, create software which works like they want it. Firmware of mcHF - in the meantime widely improved by our community programming team - was released with the agreement of all as a standalone Open Source GPLv3 project UHSDR (UniversalHamSoftwareDefinedRadio). Sadly there are often barriers which are located in hardware not in firmware. Because of license model of mcHF ("no commericla use") only the author does have the rights to construct and distribute modified PCBs. So it was compellingly that konquering new areas was only possible by

Starting a new project Open Source (Cern OHLv1.2) licensed

OVI40-SDR is a transceiver which covers VLF...75MHz. It is mainly a DIY project - but all PCBs will also be available as soldered, aligned / programmed PCBs for all those, who do not have the skill to build a complex SMD project by themself or do not want it. OVI40-SDR will also be available as "only RX" and can be expanded with TX stages later.

Developer team takes inspirations from all existing commercial and DIY projects to get a SDR which combines possibly the best of all of them. But OVI40-SDR is not only a TRX - it is a philosophy. A community based working together, regardless of different countries, languages, religions, political systems - all are working together to get a very nice transceiver for themselfes and for others who are coming to the project later - wants to show, what people can reach if they are working together and do not struggle against each other. HAM radio always has connected the world - using the possibilities of the internet adds much more power for community working.

OVI40-SDR means:

  • a worldwide network of all who are interested in the project using forum, WIKI and a possibility to show the own geo coordinates for supporting local collaboratings
  • modern SDR technology
  • "standalone" (no PC/laptop needed)
  • inexpensive
  • complete DIY, partially DIY and the possibiliy to get running and aligned / programmed PCBs
  • modular construction to implement new hardware as easy as possible
  • wide frequency range (DC...75MHz)
  • low energy consumption in RX (for portable use with batteries)
  • implementation of as much as possible modes (included digital modes) giving all possible support in hardware and firmware
  • connectivity for external keyboards, memory keys etc.

OVI40 wants to be a dynamically, living project. Inspirations, bug reports, modifications of all who are participate the project shall drive it.

Of course inspired by StarTrek:

"To boldly go where noone was before"

DF8OE, 20.12.2017

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