Specifications Digital PCB (UI)







Table of features:

PCB form factor: 186mm x 66mm
processor: STM32F76x, optional STM32H743 (144pin LQFP)
audio codec: 2 x WM8731 @ 96KHz (actually firmware supports 48KHz), IQ and audio seperated,  (simultaneously TX and RX possible, if RF board supports it)
display: 3.5" 480x320, supporting more LCDs later
LCD interface: parallel / SPI
internal memory: SPI-Flash (optional), SPI-RAM (optional)
external memory: microSD Card
real time clock: integrated RTC of STM32, CR2032 backup battery
LEDs: 3
external connectors: USB-OTG (mini-USB), USB-Host (USB-A)
3.5mm microphone and PTT
3.5mm Stereo analog in
3.5mm Stereo analog out (speaker independent)
3.5mm Stereo audio uut (headphones)
internal connectors: 30pin pinheader (mcHF compatible) +6pin GPIO
25pin pinheader (div. GPIOs, SPI, I2C)
STLinkV2 compatible connector
debug print
2 x 4pin internal USB connectors
buttons: 18 independent
encoders: 4, with independent push functions
audio output stage: stereo, 2x3W

30pin header J1 is downcompatible to mcHF rf PCB so that you can use OVI40-UI in bundle with mcHF rf (version <= 0.6). Of course only features which are supported by this rf PCB will be available.


Here you can download schematics of UI-PCB

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DF8OE, 19.07.2018

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