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 +"We all hate RTFM"​...
 +...but without knowing minimal wiki syntax you cannot participate...
 +So here some hints for the usage of this Wiki!
 +Firstly:​\\ ​
 +I want to keep a well structure. Within operating systems you have "​folders",​ in WIKIs they are named "​namespaces"​.
 +One of these is named "​projekte"​ - and within this namespace all projects like mchf or ovi40-sdr are located.
 +How do I create a new page within "​ovi40-sdr"?​
 +Please enter in search: projekte:​ovi40-sdr:​nameofthepageiwanttocreate
 +Now you will get message that this page does not exist - and do you want to create it? Exactly this is what you want and you can do it with the stencil right near the text window..
 +You do have all rights to create new namespaces and/or pages, correct pages, add informations e.g. But if you do want to create a new namespace - please contact me because if namespaces are renamed history of all sides under this namespace will be lost.
 +Here you can find most reasonable syntax of this WIKI:
 +Have fun - your work is appreciated!